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    What is Obesity Surgery?

    Obesity surgery or bariatric surgery is the general name given to the medical operations that can be performed on individuals who cannot lose weight by diet and sports or who cannot lose weight without surgical intervention due to health problems. Among these methods, sleeve gastreoctomy, gastric bypass, gastric balloon and stomach injection are the most commonly used methods.

    According to the criteria determined by the World Health Organization, individuals with a body mass index above 29.9 are in the “obese” category. Obesity brings with it many diseases that will lead to a decrease in the quality of life. Therefore, bariatric surgery operations are comprehensive procedures performed to solve health problems rather than aesthetic purposes. After these procedures, if the recommended lifestyle changes are fulfilled, obesity completely disappears from the lives of individuals.

    What Are The Common Types of Bariatric Surgery?

    Sleeve Gastrectomy

    It is a restrictive surgery method in which a large part of the stomach curvature is removed and the stomach takes the shape of a tube and is reduced to approximately 80-100 cc volume. Today , it is one of the most commonly preferred methods in Turkiye and in the world.

    Gastric ByPass

    A small stomach volume is created by leaving a pouch of approximately 30 ml in the stomach. This small stomach is then a new connection to the small intestine, which is a method that allows food to pass into the small intestine without touching the large stomach.

    Gastric Balloon

    It is placed into the stomach by endoscopic method or by swallowing the patient himself. There are different models of 6 months, 12 months, which are inflated with liquid or air. Provides satiety and reduction in food intake. It is removed by endoscopic methods after 6 or 12 months, depending on the model, or it dissolves in the stomach and is expelled from the intestines.

    Gastric Injection

    It is an endoscopic procedure with sedation. By applying injection into the stomach, gastric emptying can be delayed and the patient’s fullness period is extended.

    Other Diseases You Can Overcome With Bariatric Surgery

    • Type 2 diabetes mellitus
    • Insulin resistance – Hyperinsulinemia
    • Hypertension
    • Obstructive sleep apnea
    • (Especially in men) Esophagus, colon, thyroid, kidney
    • Cancers of breast, endometrium, bile, esophagus and kidney in women
    • Degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, low back pain
    • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
    • Cholelithiasis, (gallstone)
    • Fatty liver, dyslipidemia
    • Asthma
    • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
    • Cardiovascular diseases, right-sided heart failure,
    • Migraine, headaches
    • Pseudotumor cerebri
    • Venous stasis ulcers, deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
    • Fungus, skin rashes
    • Skin abscesses
    • Urogenital problems, stress, urinary incontinence
    • Sexual problems, infertility, dysmenorrhea
    • Depression
    • Large abdominal wall hernias

    Why Lokman Hekim Health Group?

    Obesity is seen with different diseases that are not only related to the stomach and concern the whole body. Therefore, the bariatric surgery process should be carried out in a fully equipped hospital with doctors from different departments. Lokman Hekim Health Group, which has 25 years of medical experience, provides bariatric surgery services to its patients in İstanbul, Ankara and Van Hospitals.

    As Lokman Hekim Health Group, one of the leading healthcare service brands in Turkiye, we are with you at every point you need, in every step you need to take advantage of our service, in order to provide first-class quality healthcare to our international patients and to maximize patient satisfaction.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Obestiy Surgery

    Why Türkiye?

    Istanbul the capital of Turkey, eastern tourist city.

    Turkiye is in the top 5 among the most popular destinations in the field of medical tourism due to its hospitals with advanced medical technology and well-trained and qualified medical staff. It has become a more preferred location compared to other health tourism locations, especially because Turkiye  offers high-quality health services at an affordable price.

    You can easily travel to Turkiye, which geographically combines Europe and Asia, no matter which continent you come from. In addition, according to your health status, you can organize touristic trips before or after your treatment or take advantage of shopping opportunities in Turkiye.

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