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    What is Rhinoplasty?

    A rhinoplasty procedure reshapes, corrects or reconstructs the nose to achieve more aesthetically pleasing proportions and to enhance ones’ physical appearance.

    The nose develops its final shape only after puberty and this development is complete by the age of 16. This determines the earliest age at which one can reasonably carry out a rhinoplasty.

    Whilst this is most commonly carried out for aesthetic reasons, a nose job can also be performed as a procedure to improve function by correcting breathing issues and help alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnoea and snoring. In these cases, one is likely to also be operating on the septum or turbinate which are blocking the airway, otherwise known as a septoplasty or submucosal resection.


    Rhinoplasty Process with Lokman Hekim Health Group

    First Contact

    After our first contact with you, detailed information about the process and price information will be sent to you. If you would like to benefit from the Rhinoplasty service of Lokman Hekim Health Group, we ask you to first inform us of the date you will be in Istanbul. Your doctor’s appointment is made on the most convenient date for you, according to your arrival time in Istanbul. We will meet you at the airport in Istanbul and help you to reach Lokman Hekim Istanbul Hospital free of charge. Your Rhinoplasty process begins with Lokman Hekim Health Group after we provide your transfer. Our professional international team of  patient consultants accompany you throughout your entire process in your preferred language. In case you prefer a different city in Turkey other than Istanbul, rhinoplasty procedures are offered in a similar scope at our 1 University hospital and 2 full-fledged hospitals in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey and 2 hospitals in Van.

    Why Lokman Hekim Health Group?

    Lokman Hekim Health Group Istanbul Hospital



    With 25 years of international medical experience, Lokman Hekim Health Group Istanbul Hospital, which is equipped with the latest technology and has experienced doctors in the field, can perform rhinoplasty surgery safely and achieve the kind of nose you have been dreaming of.

    As Lokman Hekim Health Group, one of the leading healthcare service brands in Turkiye, we are with you at every point you need, in every step you need to take advantage of our service, in order to provide first-class quality healthcare to our international patients and to maximize patient satisfaction.

    To take advantage of our competitive prices please contact us now.



    Hundreds of Happy Patients at Lokman Hekim

    Be one of the happy patients that Lokman Hekim Health Group has been serving during 25 years in health sector. You can see pictures of our patients who already enjoy the nose they have been dreaming of by rhinoplasty. We recommend that you take a photo of your nose before the operation to fully see the impressive difference that will surprise you after the operation.

    Why Türkiye?

    Istanbul the capital of Turkey, eastern tourist city.

    Turkiye is in the top 5 among the most popular destinations in the field of medical tourism due to its hospitals with advanced medical technology and well-trained and qualified medical staff. It has become a more preferred location compared to other health tourism locations, especially because Turkiye  offers high-quality health services at an affordable price.

    You can easily travel to Turkiye, which geographically combines Europe and Asia, no matter which continent you come from. In addition, according to your health status, you can organize touristic trips before or after your treatment or take advantage of shopping opportunities in Turkiye.

    Get Detailed Information and Get a Quote