About Us - Lokman Hekim Health Group


Lokman Hekim Health Group was founded in 1996 in Ankara by entrepreneurs who have made a heartfelt union. The founders, who aim to be the “brand organization ” that comes to mind when the hospital is mentioned; By performing its duties duly, it set out to provide quality, economical and accessible health services. In this process, they adopted the concept of “people-oriented service”.

Our Vision

To be the “first international brand that comes to mind” with our health services that follow scientific developments, pioneer in the use of advanced technology, provide an excellent patient experience with our expert staff, and are easily accessible to all segments.

Our Mission

We are a health institution that aims to provide health services to humanity with a human-oriented culture and institutional approach, by being loyal to society and medical ethics.

Our Basic Principles and Values

The safety of our patients is our main priority.

We Care About Corporate Governance and Transparency

We Respect the Rights of Our Patients

We Comply with Medical Deontology, Ethics and Laws

We Are Sensitive to Society and the Environment

We Care about the Satisfaction of All Members of the Lokman Hekim Family with their Work Life and their Commitment to the Institution and

We Believe in the Power of Teamwork